Word Press Upgrade

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1, and since last time I upgraded, my RSS feeds were broken, I’m writing just a short post to make sure everything turned out OK.

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3 thoughts on “Word Press Upgrade

  1. An observation (I have definitely been around kids w/ warped senses of humor 1 too many yrs!) but using a MAC, and being oldern dirt, I enlarge what I read w/ that letter 'A" on the menu bar. That done.. it does something to the top right corner of this blog which should read:

    MY DAILY LIT MOBY DICK.. well, let's just say that "lit and moby disappear when enlarged" Sorry.. warped, I know

    Another offtopic note, I enjoy the recipee site. Hope you and Lara will continue to update it. I have made a few things (beef strog comes to mind immediately) and they were huge hits.. also a chicken dish.. and others


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