5 thoughts on “Google and Book Reviews

  1. I'm always adding books to my tbr list based on book bloggers' reviews. But occasionally I like to browse others' goodreads bookshelves to see what else interests me, especially those with whom I already have similar reads.

    1. Goodreads is a great resource, as are Shelfari and LibraryThing. I tend not to use LibraryThing much because of their limitation of 200 books for free membership, but I use Goodreads all the time. I find their reviews to be more critical than Amazon reviews, and their star-ratings therefore are a truer snapshot.

      A side note about LibraryThing: I think if they don't drop that book limit for free membership, Goodreads and Shelfari are going to leech their members. Why pay for something you can get for free? Shelfari has a way to go, but Goodreads offers excellent service and access to a great many authors, too.

  2. Hi Dana,

    My husband Dan Barnett has written weekly book reviews for our local paper for about 20 years now. His focus is mainly on local authors, or books of local interest, but not always. He posts his reviews on Musable @ dielbee.blogspot.com. I know I'm a bit biased, but even aside from his reviews, he's been my best source for great reads for over 25 years.

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