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Late Night Reading by Pino Dangelico

I’m not too far from finishing Lauren Oliver’s [amazon_link id=”B00526ZKYS” target=”_blank” ]Delirium[/amazon_link], and I can’t tell how I feel about it. It didn’t grab me like [amazon_link id=”0062024027″ target=”_blank” ]Divergent[/amazon_link] did. I like parts of it, but I also don’t have too much trouble putting it down and I don’t feel much desire to pick it back up again. Danger signs!

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into 2012, it seems like a good time to check in on some of my goals.

  1. The faculty book club has been revived. I went ahead and chose a book. Date and place of meeting TBD.
  2. I have been doing a little better with commenting more on reading blogs. Not much, but a little.
  3. I haven’t even looked at my blogroll to see if I need to clean any dormant blogs out.
  4. The first two books I read this year were not set in either the U.K. or the eastern seaboard, so I think I’m doing better changing up locales.

In terms of my other goals:

  1. The exercise regimen is going great. I do an hour on the Wii Fit every day—a mix of yoga, strength training, aerobic activities, and balance games. I am getting better at the activities, and what’s more, I can tell I’m toning up. I haven’t actually lost that much weight, and it seems to yo-yo up and down a bit with a general trend toward weight loss. I think I have maybe lost about five pounds. That thing yells at you if you gain weight or skip a day of exercise.
  2. The only progress I’ve made on learning to knit is joining Ravelry and talking to my sister about it. She sent me a link to the site she used to teach herself to knit.
  3. I’m probably cooking about the same. I did make some fabulous pub-style chicken and French fries last night. Fantastic dinner. I didn’t cook tonight though.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon Check In

  1. If Divergent is more grabbing than Delirium, I am in for a treat, because I was actually really swept- up in Delirium.

    Sounds like you have a lot of great goals going! I need to start exercising an hour a day like you!

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