Musing Mondays—June 6, 2011


Musing MondaysThis week’s musing asks

Where is your favorite place to read?

I mostly read in bed. There isn’t really another good place to read in my house. I enjoy reading in the bath, but I won’t take my [amazon_link id=”B002FQJT3Q” target=”_blank” ]Kindle[/amazon_link] in the tub, so unless it’s a paperback or a magazine, I read it in bed.

I really enjoyed reading outside when I was in college. UGA, where I went to undergrad, has a beautiful campus.

Fountain, UGA, North Campus

I couldn’t find a larger image, but this fountain in particular was a favorite spot. You might be able to just make out the black wrought iron benches. I enjoyed sitting there while the fountain burbled and reading whatever I was reading. In fact, the girl in this picture could have been me about 20 years ago.

Image © Nancy Evelyn


4 thoughts on “Musing Mondays—June 6, 2011

  1. My bed is my favorite reading spot too! I admit though, I have no qualms about using my kindle in the tub. Sometimes I even wrap it in ziplock bags and take it in the shower!

    1. Stephanie, aren't you afraid you'll drop it? I have ruined several paperbacks by dropping them in the tub. I just don't think I can risk it with the Kindle. I know folks say if you put it in a Ziplock bag that it will be fine, but I'm too squeamish!

  2. I LOVE to read in the bath. I even put my Kindle in a large Ziplock baggie so that I can enjoy my ebooks while relaxing in the tub. By the pool is not too bad, either!

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