All About Me, Me, Me!

I stole this from Strawburygrl, who stole it from gjacenta, who stole it herself…

  1. Full name: Dana Michelle Swier Cooke Huff.
  2. Nicknames: Well, Husband has taken to calling me “the Lady” (so has Dana), or “my Lady.”
  3. Sex: I’m a lady.
  4. Birthdate: September 17 — you may send birthday greetings if you must.
  5. How old do you really look: I was often mistaken for one of the high school students.
  6. Shoe size: 5 1/2
  7. Height: 5’4″
  8. Eye color: blue
  9. Hair color: brown with threads of silver (sounds more romantic than “goin’ gray”)
  10. School: graduate of the University of Georgia
  11. Body modifications: Only single ear piercings, but I want a tattoo.
  12. Ever been involved with the police: Not really.
  13. Best thing you’ve done this summer: Oh, I guess maybe for myself, it would be starting this diary, because I am writing nearly daily, and sometimes more often, and really feel like I’m getting better at dealing with things. Plus I am learning more about Steve, and he’s learning more about me.
  14. What shampoo do you use: Aussie Mega. 3-Minute Miracle conditioner in case you wondered.
  15. Do you have any pets: No, but I have had lots of cats and a beloved German Shepherd.
  16. Do you collect anything: Stamps, books (I like autographed ones), Celtic stuff.
  17. Favorite day of the week: I would have said Saturday before, but now that Steve works that day and I’m not working, it would be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday -Steve’s days off.
  18. Favorite candy: Right now it appears to be Starburst jelly beans. Really, it is a German candy bar called Milka. It is milk chocolate and hazelnuts. I love hazelnuts.
  19. Favorite thing in your room: Well, it is a bit spare right now, since we’re still not set up, but it used to be my four-poster cherry wood bed. Until it was broken.
  20. Favorite food: pizza
  21. Favorite restaurant: Carrabba’s
  22. Favorite record: Tough question. I guess Physical Graffitti or Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin.
  23. Favorite song: My husband singing “Nessun dorma.”
  24. Favorite radio station: I don’t have one.
  25. Favorite ice cream: Mocha almond fudge. Breyer’s makes it now, but I think it is only for a short time (sniff).
  26. Favorite thing to do on weekends: Since Steve mostly is at work, look around online, watch T.V., and generally veg. That’s different from the rest of the week how?
  27. Favorite season: fall
  28. Favorite characteristic about yourself: Hmm… I think I’m fairly thoughtful.
  29. Favorite sport: If I have to pick, it is figure skating. Shut up!
  30. Favorite hangout: Don’t really have one, besides home.
  31. Favorite toppings on pizza: pepperoni and black olives
  32. Favorite Sesame Street character: probably Ernie. Maybe Cookie Monster.
  33. D you believe in aliens: Yes, but I don’t think they’ve been here. I am not so close-minded that I am not open to the possibility that there is life out there besides us, but unless they figured out how to travel faster than the speed of light, which physics as we currently understand it won’t allow, then I don’t believe they’ve been here.
  34. Do you believe in yourself: sometimes
  35. Do you believe in reincarnation: No, but I think we inherit our ancestors’ memories, which makes us think we’ve actually lived their lives.
  36. Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes. Experienced it (as much as you can online) with Steve.
  37. Do you have a religion: I’m a recovering Southern Baptist. I guess I would basically call myself a Methodist, mainly because Husband and I were going to a Methodist church – he’s Methodist. Although according to a quiz I took yesterday, I ought to be an Orthodox Quaker (?). Funny enough, lots of my ancestors were Quakers.
  38. If you could have any occupation: novelist
  39. Your dream car: I don’t dream about cars.
  40. Your dream house: Tudor-style house with at least four bedrooms, medieval accents as decor — hell, if it is a dream, then I want a castle in Scotland or Wales.
  41. What age do you want to get married: I first married at 21 (cringe). My second marriage — 29.
  42. How many kids do you want: I don’t know. I have four, sort of. Two natural children, two stepchildren. I’d like to give my husband a son. But frankly, childbirth hurts like a sonofabitch, so I’m not sure I want to have more than one more.
  43. Have you ever named your goldfish: Yeah, I have had goldfish named Goldie (how original), Rainbow, Bubbles, Baby, and Spink.
  44. Have you ever sat through an entire Dawson’s Creek episode: Never even seen part of one.
  45. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 people, who would they be: This is hard, because I need to bring the stepchildren too! I need to bring 5 people.
  46. What do you wear to bed: It depends.  I’m not fussy.
  47. What’s your bedtime: I don’t have a set one.
  48. Do you wish on stars: I’ve been known to.
  49. Is there a TV in your room: yes
  50. What’s the last thing you do before you fall asleep: Cuddle with Steve.
  51. Person who knows the most about you: Steve
  52. Any siblings: younger sister
  53. Furthest you’ve been away from home: Germany
  54. How many schools have you attended: 10, including colleges — three elementary schools, two middle schools, three high schools, and two colleges.
  55. Do you get along with your parents: not lately
  56. Who’s your 2nd family: Steve’s family.
  57. Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate, baby!
  58. Oddest dream: Since I’ve been on Prozac, it is nearly every damned night.
  59. Your favorite Halloween costume: Actually, it was my daughter’s first costume. She was a panda.
  60. Do you play any music instrument: Flute and guitar fairly proficiently. I’ve also played French horn, clarinet, violin, and dinkered with the piano, but I can’t really play it.
  61. Do you glow in the dark: no
  62. Do you possess magical abilities: Sadly, no.
  63. Can you name all four Tellytubbies: Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. I have children.
  64. Can you name all the members of ‘N Sync: The only one I know is Justin Timberlake. Probably because he’s in People the most. My older daughter Sarah was talking about ‘N Sync yesterday. She was telling me about the ‘N Sync Barbie. Oh, and stepson Ryan is a boyband member in the making. He talks about ‘N Sync all the time.
  65. Can you name all the members of BSB: I don’t know any of their names. Oh wait — is the rehab guy A.J. McLean?
  66. Favorite color: green.
  67. Favorite television show: That’s hard. I’m not sure I have one. I like anything that comes on A&E, TLC, the Discovery Channel, or the History Channel about the Celts, British legend or history, or the royal family. I like Star Trek: The Next Generation. I also like Talk Soup and Jerry Springer — it is like watching animals in the zoo. Fascinating.
  68. Favorite clothes: Jeans and a tee-shirt.
  69. Favorite store: Petite Sophisticate
  70. Favorite soda: Coke
  71. Favorite actor: Hmm… maybe Daniel Day-Lewis. I’m not sure.
  72. Favorite actress: I’m not sure I have one. Maybe Julia Roberts, since I consciously tried to copy her look.
  73. Favorite music artist: Steve… well, okay, you want someone you’ve heard. Hm… I can’t think. I guess Sarah McLachlan.
  74. Favorite group: Led Zeppelin or the Beatles
  75. Favorite type of music: Mostly ’80s. I love classical, though.
  76. Favorite movie: Braveheart
  77. Favorite person in real life: Steve
  78. Favorite person on the net: Steve
  79. Least favorite person in real life: My first boyfriend, but since I don’t have to deal with him at all, I guess it would be various members of my family (never my husband or kids) at various times.
  80. Least favorite person on the net: Those crazy women who get crushes on my husband.
  81. Least favorite television show: sports
  82. Least favorite type of music: I agree with Straw, here — rap and hip-hop.
  83. Least favorite song: I don’t know. Maybe the one that plays on the keyboard my parents got my daughter. Grrr… Now I’m even growling like Strawburygrl.
  84. Least favorite movie: Too many. Probably the first Pokemon movie. It was mind-numbing. I felt my brain cells dying.
  85. Least favorite group: Too many. Rap and hip-hop artists everywhere.
  86. What are you most known for: I don’t know. Ask my husband. Maybe that I’m small and look younger than I am.
  87. What is your talent: writing
  88. If a friend was to describe you, what would they say: I get called sweet a lot.
  89. Have you ever been suspended or expelled: No. I only had one detention, too.
  90. Your greatest fear: Losing my husband.
  91. Best accomplishment: Writing a novel.