Back to School Blues

Sarah seems to be adjusting to school just fine.  She has homework every day except Friday.  There is a large Hispanic community where we now live, so I have been teaching her a few words in Spanish.  She seems very interested in it.  My husband mentioned [his post is no longer available] I woke up late and made her late for school this morning.  I felt simply awful.  I know how much she is probably worried about making a good first impression, and I hope she was okay.  I am so concerned with being a good mother and handling this move as well as I possibly can.

I don’t know how I feel right now.  Allergies are definitely kicking my ass.  I suppose I feel down.  I feel very unmotivated.  I just really want to find a job, but looking right now feels overwhelming.  I admit I need help.  I feel unattractive.  My hair just hangs limply.  I feel so tired.  Everything feels overwhelming.  Doing things seems like such a major effort.  And then I either screw them up (like getting Sarah to school) or they go unacknowledged, so I feel like I shouldn’t bother.

Welcome to my pity party.