Blogcritics, Part 2


Well, I finally quit Blogcritics today. I’m not going to to pick on any one individual here (which is very different from the way they do things over there), but frankly, as the old saw goes, today I read a comment that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I decided I didn’t want to be associated with a group of people who allow such meanness in their midst. I figure when it gets the point that I wonder before I open an article if I should take a Tums or not, it’s time to leave. I really think the idea behind Blogcritics is a good one, but the execution is poor because it would seem that anyone can write for them, despite the fact that they make it seem otherwise, and also that people are allowed free rein to write nasty, personal attacks in comments. Nothing is done about that. Cursing, poorly written English, and other forms of unprofessional writing run rampant there, too. The editor sees this difference between Blogcritics and other similar publications as a strength.


2 thoughts on “Blogcritics, Part 2

  1. Dana, I emailed you the comment I added to the thread in support of you since Eric will erase it. Abuse of other paricipants, especially women, has been a recurring pattern for the year or so I've been dropping in and out of Blogcritics.

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