Boston #6


Another entry from my paper travel journal. This is a journal exercise Evan asked us to do. Actually, I guess it needs a bit of explanation. On the 14th, we went several places. We started our day with a trip to Walden Pond. From there, we went to Gann Academy to hear Kim Crawford Harvie speak. I have written about both experiences. After that, we shopped around Harvard Square for a while, then went to Revolution Books to speak with the owners, who are communists. We shopped some more, then went to Brandeis to speak with Bradley Solmsen, who is on the faculty in Judaics. I need to write about the whole thing at the communist bookstore. I didn’t write anything really in my travel journal. Maybe I’ll share that experience later.

2/14 Power and Truth

Blue Man Group

I think in this case power was ability to captivate an audience. I personally wasn’t enthralled, but it seems like most everyone else was.

Revolution Books

These people perceive power as revolution and overthrowing current “regimes.” I felt they were a bit frightening and perhaps constructed their own truth to fit their beliefs. Also, I don’t get how not voting is revolutionary, and I’m glad the kids nailed them on that. If I heard the word “proletariat” one more time, I think I was going to scream. On the other hand, I think it was valuable for the kids to see and hear people with different ideas. How on earth anyone could idolize Mao or Lenin is beyond me.


I was intrigued by Kim’s conviction. I think it puts her in a position of power. I was glad she mentioned Christ’s lack of expressed views on homosexuality.


I really didn’t get him. I don’t know how a classroom would work under his guidance. I can’t connect either concept (power or truth) with what he said.


I felt the power of God in the form of nature. I’m sure was of it was the symbolism of the place. But I did get Emerson’s transparent eyeball. I always felt God in nature, but I never felt as absorbed by nature as I did there.


I am decidedly not a communist. All kidding aside, to me, power and truth were in my communion with the kids. I was myself and there was truth in that, but also power. I feel stronger bonds with them, and bonds are power. Harvard’s motto is “Veritas,” or Truth. I take that to mean they pass on a legacy of truth. What is my legacy, and what kind of power or truth will it have?