Color Me Naive


Well, I just feel stupid. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to one of my online friends. Another diarist ran her off her site. I won’t divulge all the details, because I’m not sure she’d want me to, but the basics are that this other person made it her personal agenda to constantly poke fun at my friend — everything from her appearance to her family. And she did it in a public forum with lots of her cronies cheering her on and joining in. The idea of that just appalled me. So I was doing some sleuthing and finally decided to check out a forum run by someone whose diary I’ve been reading for about two years or so. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I’m not sure that this person was involved in flaming my friend, but she sure as hell does her share in her own forum. What I read made me sick. I couldn’t believe someone could be that small and mean-spirited to people they haven’t met.

I realize I’m being cryptic here, and I apologize. I obviously wouldn’t like to be a target of theirs — the members of this forum, that is. I am hoping that they do not locate my URL, see this post, and unleash — any time someone criticizes them, they rip the person a new one.

It’s the ugliest side of the Internet. People who hide behind computer screens and insult people they don’t even know. I just can’t understand that behavior. Obviously, I can’t read the person anymore. I had thought she was nice enough. I didn’t see that side of her in her journal. Hm.

Well, that said, Rajni says an FAQ would be all right. But no one asks me questions frequently. Want to ask me something?