This morning, the radio station I listen to, Z-93 in Atlanta, was just full of interesting content, some of which I plan to write about later.

They played the old Eagles’ song “Seven Bridges Road.” I apologize for the pop-ups, though they aren’t mine, if you follow the link. I hate pop-ups, and I try not to link to sites that use them. Anyway, I was trying to find information on the real Seven Bridges Road here in Georgia, but I only found one measly site. It’s an interesting story. According to Shadowlands Haunted Places Index for Georgia, the real Seven Bridges road is haunted:

On the northern side of Berry College [Rome, Georgia], there is a road – CCC Road; when you go west, if you count the small bridges as you go over them, there are seven. Turn around, count them on the way out; there are only six. At the west end of the road are the ruins of an old church and cemetery called Mountain Springs Church. You can hear music coming from the church at night along with crying and footsteps in the cemetery.

I read somewhere once that J.D. Souther went to Berry College, and that was where he got the idea for the song.

We are all haunted by stories from the past. Do you know a good, true ghost story? Share it with me.


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  1. I am a student at Berry College and also from Rome, Georgia. I know a lot about CCC Road, and have walked down it a couple of times myself. There are also a lot of ghost stories around Berry Campus. If you want me to tell, email me!

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