HarperTeen’s Appeal to Twilight Fans


The Wall Street Journal blog Speakeasy reports that the covers of the new HarperTeen editions of classics Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Romeo and Juliet are designed to appeal to the Twilight audience. It’s easy to see why:

The books resemble Twilight right down to the fonts, as the WSJ blog notes. My husband was aghast, but I say, hey, if it gets Twilight fans to pick up these books, I’m all for it. I do think it’s a little misleading, though. These books are not exactly Twilight. They’re so much better, but not as easy a read.

Amazon is selling the books for $8.99 each, or you can purchase all three for $26.97 (as of this writing). If you’re interested, click on the books or the links above.

What do you think of the new covers?


4 thoughts on “HarperTeen’s Appeal to Twilight Fans

  1. Oh these are definitely very "Twilight-like" aren't they? I like them and I guess if they will capture a teen's attention then why not.

  2. A blatant ripoff and I personally don't like the covers, but if it attracts teens to these classics, then I say go for it, publishers!

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