Introducing Dana’s Literary Trivia


Just for the hell of it, I am introducing a new weekly trivia question. I’m going to put it on Fridays, but for this first one, to get things rolling, I’ll post it today. If you think you know the answer, comment on this entry. Maybe I can figure out a way to reward the person who answers the most trivia questions correctly for a period of time (a free book from my Bookcrossing bookshelf maybe?). For now, if you are the first to comment with the correct answer, I’ll update the trivia entry with a credit to you. If no one gets it after a week, I’ll update the trivia question entry with a diatribe about what losers you guys are. Maybe.

Here it is *drumroll*:

What was the original title of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby?

Answer: Trimalchio in West Egg. Credit goes to my brother-in-law Riceman, who knew more about Gatsby’s working titles than I did.


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