Job Hunting


I am officially not going to be in my current job next year, so I am searching for a high school job. I don’t think I ever want to teach middle school again. Those kids are just too squirrely.

I hate being unsure about the future though. I want to know I have a job. But I keep telling myself life’s too short to do something you hate, and all that, so… I guess I need to take my own advice.

I am feeling under the weather, but it may be the late hours I’m keeping. My husband sang for opening night of Eugene Onegin last night, and it was late, late, late when we all got home.

Maggie continues to request trips to the “libary,” which pleases me greatly, but last night we couldn’t go. We ate too late, and the library was closing by the time we got close to it. Stupid O’Charley’s. Service is usually good there. Well, last night, I waited for my change for 10 solid minutes with two screaming babies and an ADD ten-year-old.

You all wish me luck in this job search. If you believe in a higher power, I’d appreciate your prayers, too. I am the main breadwinner in my family, and I have three children living with me, two step-children who also need support, and a husband who has to have good medical insurance to cover prescription costs. That last bit sounded old. (In a shaky grandma voice) Well, we have to have our medicine.

See you all later.