Five years ago today, I was holding my brand new baby, Margaret.  We thought then that she’d be a Meg or Meggie, but she’s grown into a Maggie.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese and had chocolate cake.  Maggie requested a trip to the bookstore for her present instead of the toy store (that’s my girl), but when she was there, she picked out a Dora the Explorer book that plays music, a Hello Kitty backpack, and a stuffed white kitten she had already named Miss Tickles before we were out of the store.

Here are some pictures:

Maggie entering Chuck E. Cheese

Maggie at Chuck E. Cheese

Dylan sipping his Coke

Sarah and Dylan in the car

Actually, that last was taken a couple of days ago, not today, but I thought it was cute and wanted to share it.


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