Musing About My Daughter


I have very little of interest to say tonight. I am plagued by allergies, which aggravate my asthma. ::Cough:: I slept most of the day. I think that is okay, considering how badly I slept – kept waking up coughing. Ugh. How charming. Try cuddling with your husband, hacking your ass off. That has got to be as annoying as hell.

My Sarah is a big girl. She rode the bus to and from school all by herself today. She had homework – read for 10 minutes (we started the first Harry Potter book), do her math page, and write sentences using her spelling words. I can’t resist. I have to share her cute little sentences. I preserved them as she wrote them – incorrect usage of apostrophes and capitals, misspellings of non-spelling words, and use of the nonexistent word “alot” included. She made them up all by herself.

I Just Crosed The Street.
I had a nice dream last night.
bee’s Have Stinger’s.
I Saw a Beautiful Stream.
We Have feet to walk on.
I scream aloud alot.
A hot Stove has Steam in it.
I like to eat ice cream alot.
My mom likes tree’s very much.
I like to meet other people.

Isn’t she too adorable?
It grows late, and I must awake before the dawn to walk Sarah to the bus stop.