My Birthday


So today was my birthday. Husband had to work, so I celebrated by taking my girls out to dinner. We went to Carrabba’s. Love that Chicken Bryan. Sarah had spaghetti. Had this weird waiter who looked at us funny. I suppose he took one look at us and thought, “bad tip.” Well, that is never the case with me unless it’s deserved. I used to be a waitress, so I know. We went to the mall and daughter Sarah wanted to push baby Maggie’s stroller. It was cute. Maggie loves riding in the stroller. We looked all over the mall for the thing I really wanted to buy myself — one of those mystery puzzles. Know what I mean? They have this mystery you have to solve as you put them together. Didn’t see any. That was disappointing. For some reason, that’s all I really wanted. So then I thought I might get this stained glass kit. I scratched that when I wound up in Bath and Body Works. I couldn’t decide between the Orange Blossom or the Tangerine Spice. I liked the smell of the Tangerine Spice better, but the Orange Blossom had bubble bath (Tangerine didn’t). So I got Country Apple. Hey, it is fall, right?

And speaking of fall, I felt the first crisp of autumn in the air today. It was glorious.

We capped off the celebration with a trip to Dairy Queen.

I was going to make myself a German chocolate birthday cake, but it is getting too late for that now. I’ll just make it tomorrow, maybe.

Once I got home, I found a link to a place where I could buy one of those mystery puzzles online: Wooden Horse Books. I got the Murder on the Titanic puzzle.

Thanks for the birthday greetings Dana, Straw, and Sonrisatuya. Very much appreciated. Wow. I’m 30. I remember when my mom turned 30. Does that make me old?

Well, I have nothing of moment to say. Things seem to be settling down again. I can’t really watch much besides the news (still) or listen to much besides talk radio. But I think I moving to a different stage in the grieving process. What are they? I’ll tell you where I am.

Well, Maggie is telling me she’s hungry…