2 thoughts on “New Stuff at the Pensieve

  1. Regarding your comment:

    Dana, darling, good point! Why do I blog on Shabbos? Well, it's not technically writing. I'm not using a pen. Although I think it's still probably forbidden. So I have no excuse, really.

    I haven't taken up all the mitzvot yet, nor am I sure when/if I will ever take them ALL up lest I become orthodox. (I'm still officially Bnei Noach.)

    But yes, you can certainly tease away! And don't worry 'bout your neck. It looks beautiful sticking itself out on my blog! 😉

    I didn't mean to knock reform. I know it sounds like I was. Unfortunately, there's no conservative shul here for 'compromise.' In fact, if I can't be at Beth Jacob, I think I'd probably fit best at a conservative shul. But that's for later, in a different city, sometime in the future…

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