almost...I am stuck.

I really want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but I don’t have a single workable idea.

I suppose one might come to me. I have two weeks.

All I can think of is something Austen-related, and if that isn’t done to death, I’m not sure what is. Then there is the idea of some kind of romp through all kinds of classic literature, which might be fun in a Jasper Fforde sort of way.

But I am not sure what I’d do about it.

I know NaNo is famous for saying “no plot, no problem,” but that’s just code for typing a bunch of gibberish and telling everyone you “won” NaNo when you have nothing workable to show for it.


“Some kind of romp through all kinds of classic literature.”

Crikey, I think I just got an idea.
photo credit: roweenaweb