Summer Stuff


I have actually made a unit lesson plan and done a few single day lesson plans, so I’m not being completely lazy. Aside from that, I’m just writing. Not much here, I guess, but I’ve been busier than usual on my other blogs.

At the Pensieve, I’ve recently posted about J.K. Rowling’s interview on the Richard & Judy show in the UK, the potion Dumbledore drank in the cave in Half-Blood Prince, and Draco Malfoy. I just completed a re-read of the Harry Potter series, so I’ve been a bit busier over there than usual. Oh, and the Pensieve turned two years old on June 23.

At my genealogy blog, I posted what I think is a kind of funny deconstruction of how I’m related to Mark Twain. A lot of people criticize genealogists for looking for famous folks in their family tree. I still laugh at the way I figured this one out.

At my education blog, which turned a year old on June 25, I have recently posted on the following topics:

There’s a lot there, as I have been doing the majority of my writing there for the last month.

I can’t remember if I said it here or not, but I also spent a week at a Schools Attuned workshop in Charlotte, NC. I learned a lot and may even earn a bunch of CEU’s out of the deal when I complete a few other requirements.

I have also finally started the summer reading I need to do to prepare for school.

I suppose I’ve been staying fairly busy.


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  1. Busier than I've been and I don't even have children to take care of on top of all that!

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