Writers Who Blog

Would-be published writers blog all over the Internet, but what about established authors? I can’t claim this is a comprehensive list because I had to do some digging, as I couldn’t find a really good list anywhere else, except for this good list of Science Fiction/Fantasy writers who blog (some of the writers are reproduced below). The list that follows is limited to writers of fiction; there are quite a few nonfiction writers who also blog, but perhaps that compilation is for another time.

If the list seems to be dominated by science fiction and fantasy writers, well, then that’s because it is.  I looked for other types of writers to include, but if they’re blogging, I didn’t find it.  I suspect that sf/f writers would naturally be quicker to adopt this method of communicating with their fans because they tend to be “geeks,” and it stands to reason that more “geeks” blog than non-geeks.  Present company included, of course.

Do you know of any I missed? Share in the comments, and I will update the list.