Terry Jones: Chaucer Scholar


Not many of his fans know it, perhaps, but Terry Jones is a medievalist.  In my Medieval Literature course in college, my professor told my class he had actually written a fairly interesting argument that Chaucer’s fabled knight was probably a mercenary.  If you enjoy history, perhaps you managed to catch an episode of Medieval Lives or Crusades on the History Channel (or its International cousin).

My next book is Terry Jones’ Who Murdered Chaucer: A Medieval Mystery.  Was Chaucer really murdered?  Well, he did sort of vanish from the historical record.  I am hoping that Jones explores even this weighty topic with his usual sense of humor and interest in the trivial (but) fascinating details of the subject.  Perhaps I can finish the book before I begin teaching Chaucer this year and have some interesting tidbits for my students.

I just thoroughly enjoyed my re-read of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Of all the books I’ve read, it’s the Harry Potter series that I return to time and again and always glean something new from each time.  These books have enriched my life in so many ways, and I will always be grateful I had them during what was otherwise not a very happy time in my life.


One thought on “Terry Jones: Chaucer Scholar

  1. Dana: I am excited about this book because– are you ready for this? I mean, are you sitting down, because it's almost unbelieveable!– I had NEVER read Chaucer until I was assigned junior/senior English this year.

    I somehow got through high school, undergrad (B.A. in English), an M.A. in Teaching Secondary English, and an M.A. in Lit without reading one single line of Chaucer.

    What a shame. I am so pumped to teach this to my students this year I can't even tell you. I've got activities out the wazoo, fun ideas and group projects lined up. I don't know why someone didn't shove the Tales into my hand ten years ago!

    In short, then– thanks for recommending this. I hope I get to at least scan it before launching in with my students.

    (I'm a huge fan of Harry, as well. Book Six is my fave, though!)

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