The Funny Papers


You know, all the comic strips I read when I was growing up are disappearing.  Calvin and Hobbes has been gone for some time now.  Bill Amend just decided not to do daily strips for Fox Trot — which makes me wonder if he is preparing himself to stop doing the strip altogether.  I just read online that For Better or For Worse is ending this year.  Now, I probably haven’t read that strip regularly since I was in high school in the late 1980’s, but it’s always been there, and I always thought it was interesting that the characters in that strip really aged.  I admit every once in a while I checked in to see what everyone was doing.  And Elly Patterson reminded me of my own mom.  When I checked the strip website just now, I learned that their birthdays are only eight days apart.


2 thoughts on “The Funny Papers

  1. I didn't like that the characters aged in For Better or For Worse. It seemed like they aged way too fast, and now the kids have kids and it's very confusing. It's a great comic strip, but they all just got old way too fast. Maybe that's the point. We're all getting old way too fast. 😕

  2. I agree Dana, they're disappearing all too fast. Calvin and Hobbes was my fav. Matter of fact, I named my cats Calvin and Hobbes. They were from the same litter. Calvin passed away almost 3 1/2 yrs ago, but Hobbes is still kicking. She turns 18 yrs March 21st!! I miss my Calvin though!!

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