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I still can’t figure out how to get to post automatically to my blog. I have checked and double-checked the CHMOD permissions. I tried re-uploading it several times, making sure that I did so in ASCII. I have SOAP::Lite. The path to perl is correct. Yet I still receive the dreaded 500 error when I try to access mt-xmlrpc.cgi. I give up. I’m beaten. But I’ll share my links anyway.

My first link is to Jazz Age Culture, which is a website created and maintained by Dr. Kathleen L. Nichols of Pittsburg State University in Kansas. Jazz Age Culture is just one page on Dr. Nichols’ site, but it is gorgeous. She has a huge number of links and a pleasing layout. The site is ideal for students or teachers working on The Great Gatsby or the Harlem Renaissance. Teachers, if you are thinking of making a webquest on either topic, you might find all you need to start at Dr. Nichols’ site. Roaring Twenties aficionados will find plenty to please, too. The site won a Best of History Websites award.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Link

  1. How are you trying to get it to post? Mine is working fine (other than not showing what category the entry is, but that's minor), and I'm not using anything that required me to change permissions. The instructions I followed are linked from my delicious page, naturally. 😉 I still can't get MT-spamlookup to work, btw. Grr.

  2. Briefly taking a look at it, the website looks like a lot of fun and very informative.

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