I took Dylan to his pediatrician today to begin the process of evaluating him for autism. He has for some time been exhibiting symptoms that worry me. For instance, at the age of three, he speaks almost no words. He will learn words, then forget them; however, we know he knows some words based on his nonverbal responses. He seems to be unable to determine when someone is angry or upset. He lines up his toys and become extremely upset when anyone disturbs his arrangments.

In some ways, Dylan perfectly exhibits symptoms of autism, but in others — such as the fact that he is very affectionate and loves to be hugged — he doesn’t. Of course, autism is a spectrum disorder, and I have no fears that he is mentally disabled. However, his language delay is really my biggest concern. He will be starting school soon, and I want him to be successful. Especially because I see the light inside him, but I realize that it would be difficult for a teacher to relate to him.


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  1. Dana, I had to reply because I have been down this road – my son was thought to be on the ASD when he was very young – before he was 2, he had an MRI to see what they could detect and a sleep-deprived EEG (to see if he was experiencing any seizures) – The neurologist told us he did not have 'Autism' but that sensory integration disorder was more than likely causing all of his symptoms (too numerous to recall here) and he has been working with an occupational therapist since he was 15 months old. He is a sweet, lovable boy – affectionate, like your son – supremely smart and social but has things that cannot be explained away by simple 'toddler phases' – he did not speak until he was 2 years old and didn't walk until he was 18 months old. I will be thinking of you and if you need to talk, I am here. I know how hard it is…the worrying is the worst part. Because you want everyone to see your child as you do, and you worry they won't….

  2. Dana, I wanted to respond as well. My Trevor has had autistic-like tendencies from the time he was a small toddler but it was just this summer that they settled him into an actual diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome (he's 10). Prior to that, he was described as PDD-NOS (pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified). Basically, our docs were reluctant to stick a label on him until he was older and things were more clear to them.

    At 15 months, he wasn't walking or talking. I had him in occupational therapy as well as speech therapy and both helped tremendously.

    He's older now and we've been through a lifetime of ups and downs.

    Trevor's a very loving, very sweet-natured guy. He enjoys hugs too but they have to be on his terms. He's also very bright but the struggle now is that he processes things a little different than neuro-typical kiddos and so we're trying to figure out what works best for him (and get the school in line to help him with it).

    If you need to talk, need to vent, need someone to talk to who's been through some of it, please know that I'm here, too.

    Being mom to a kid on the spectrum is rewarding but tough too and I've found that it always helps to have contact with people who're in a similar situation.

  3. I can't offer you any direct help, advice, etc., but I do know that Kerry spoke very little until he was almost 4 or 5 years old. He just didn't really bother. Now sometimes….we wish he'd hush 😉

    Just know I'm here for support and/or to vent.

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