A Christmas Carol

I have to admit to a lifelong love for Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Somehow, the Christmas season doesn’t seem complete until I have seen an adaptation of this classic. When I was a child, I used to enjoy Rich Little’s characterizations of all the characters. My favorite these days is 1999’s version starring Patrick Stewart as Scrooge (although the 1984 George C. Scott is good, too). Despite the fact that it is anachronistic, I love the part when the Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge all the people singing “Silent Night,” especially the mine worker with the ringing tenor. Gee, I wonder why that would be?

I don’t care for modern adaptations of the story. There is something about the Victorian setting that appeals to me. I am watching Patrick Stewart as Scrooge being frightened by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come as I write. Working at a Jewish school somewhat dampens the Christmas season for obvious reasons. I need to work much harder to get into the spirit of the holiday. Watching this reminds me of the Star Trek TNG movie Generations, when Captain Picard is caught in the Nexus and imagines he has this lovely Victorian family surrounding him for the holidays.

I wonder what Christmas was like in Charles Dickens’ house?