Who Was the Man in the Iron Mask?

So I had the big job interview last night. I think it went well, but now I sit in for the wait. I hate the wait. I did lay it on the line about the problems I’ve had teaching where I am now. I hope it all works out, because working there would be incredible. It will make me feel better to know I have something in place for next year.

Dylan hasn’t been feeling well. I think he’s teething. He’s usually so easy-going and cheerful. Lately, he’s been grumpy.

A mention of the legend of the Man in the Iron Mask in the book I’m currently reading reminded me how very fascinating I’ve always found that particular story. Who did Louis XIV hate so much that he ordered that horrific punishment on him? Check out Louis XIV and the Man in the Iron Mask. By the way… my book seems to subscribe to the theory that he was Nicholas Fouquet.