It was a nice day today. Beautiful weather. I went to a job fair for a large metro-Atlanta school district. Let me just say, I am extremely impressed with this school district. They are doing things with students that I wouldn’t have thought possible for high schools. Their test scores are great. The people I met today were incredible. I had two promising interviews. One school wants to interview me again, so I guess that means I passed the pre-screen. I really want to get a job at one of those two schools, especially after checking out their web sites and meeting the few faculty members that were there today.

I was appalled at the way some of the people were dressed. One woman was wearing a very tight knit shirt. It was so sheer I could see her bra through it. And she had quite a prodigious chest. I’m sorry, but if I were conducting interviews, I wouldn’t even consider someone who comes to a job fair dressed like that. And there were quite a few clueless-looking folks there. There were lots of women in shoes I’d describe as stripper heels, too. But there were also lots of very good candidates and friendly folks. I wish everyone well, but I hope they don’t get the job I want!

I took the kids to the doctor on Thursday. According to the nurse practitioner, I feed the kids too much junk, and I need to take away Dylan’s pacifier. I am ignoring all that and will continue parenting as usual, since my kids are healthy, robust little people. I must not be screwing up too badly.

Maggie’s birthday was Wednesday. She had a party at school with cupcakes and party hats. Her class made a really big deal out of it. It was cool. I can’t believe she’s three. Seems like only yesterday that Sarah was three.

I have released two BookCrossing books, but whoever picked them up didn’t come back to BookCrossing and register them. That is sort of disheartening. Looking around the site, it seems like that’s pretty common, but I do wish people would join in the fun. After all, they got a book for free. The least they can do is let the giver know they thought the free book was cool. Well, the second one I released may not have been picked up. I left it at the kids’ doctor’s office waiting room. But the first one was definitely picked up, because I went back by later, and it was gone.

Well, I’m going to go read. I need to finish this Kevin Crossley-Holland book, because I’m dying to read the books I bought at Borders the other night when I treated myself after having the day from hell. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory and All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve.

I added a new photo album with pictures of my ancestors. You can also access it in the future by clicking the Photos link in the sidebar.