4 thoughts on “Richard and Lisa Howorth’s Home

  1. Dana: Do you happen to know the Howorths? I went to Ole Miss and though I'm not close personal friends with them, I have met them and used to frequent Square Books weekly:) His brother Becket is a lawyer in Oxford, I believe.

  2. (I was wrong. It was his father, and he was a doctor– and they also have a son named Beckett, but I don't know him, he's younger than me!) — they are so fun, they always have the best parties and stuff. 'Course, I never went to any– but I've heard stories like that one:) They're not really pretentious or anything, really laid-back and of course very liberal. Good times.

  3. My partner [Michele]and I[from Australia] met R & L on the Greek island of Sifnos in 1979.They both had/have a good sense of humour and we enjoyed many pleasant moments. Rick had a penchant for"Black Jack" which he generously shared.It is rare that one meets people on holidays and still stays in touch 30 years later. Rick and Beckett came to visit us, here in Sydney, some years ago.

    I envisage we will all meet up again, perhaps in the not too distant future!!

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