Happy St. Pat’s


It is my half-birthday. I have always kind of thought it was cool that all those Irish people (and wannabes) celebrated my half-birthday.

Kidding aside, I hope you all wore your green. You know, any teacher who doesn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s day is asking for it.

I have the worst bunch of ADD-addled, noisy kids I’ve had all year this quarter. I had to call about eight parents today. For those not in the know, that’s a ridiculously high number. From ONE class, no less. Anyway, let’s hope the parents will follow through and yank a knot in the tails of those little demons children.

On the plus side, Friday, I have a job interview! It was funny. I checked my e-mail after my 8th grade class left, thinking, oh please let there be some good luck, some good news for me on St. Patrick’s Day. And there was an e-mail from the department head at one of the schools I’d applied to. I’m going to try to make another job fair on Friday, too.

Anne always shares the coolest links. I followed one about the history of St. Patrick’s Day that was really cool. Enjoy the last hour and a half of this holiday. Erin go bragh, ya’ll.