I Am the Master of My Domain

I have been extraordinarily happy at Upsaid; however, last night, I purchased a domain name. As soon as it is all registered, my husband and I will be moving both of our journals there. I may go ahead and stay with Upsaid and use it to manage my content. Then again, I may go and get Moveable Type. I haven’t decided yet. But having our own domain will allow us to do some more things, as my friends who have one know.

Now. My job interview yesterday. I think it went well. First of all, I have known the woman who interviewed me since I was student teacher. I worked with one of her peers. Second, I showed her a couple of papers I’ve graded. She seemed to approve. I showed her a power point show I worked up to introduce Romeo and Juliet. If you want to access it, I think you’ll have to have a Yahoo ID. She told me that what she is doing is screening candidates for the principal, who will then interview the top few. It is frustrating not to know. It’s also frustrating to think I may have to take still more time off work to complete interviews when I’m not positive I will reap any benefit from doing so. But the school is beautiful. I hope it goes my way. The big metro-Atlanta school district (the one that held the job fair I went to last Saturday) still hasn’t called for an interview. I hate looking for a job.