I’m Not Nearly Nerdy Enough for This


I downloaded what appears to be a really good program that enables me to rip music from my CDs and convert them to mp3s. This is cool for a couple of reasons: 1) when I get my domain up, I will have a radio blog, and I can share my CD collection (small though it is right now) with you; 2) I can share my husband’s singing with you as well. He has been asked by others, some of whom may be reading this, if he might be able to share that way, and soon, the answer will be yes. Here’s how uncool I am: I didn’t know such technology existed until today. Why? I didn’t really jump on the whole mp3 bandwagon when it exploded with Napster and more recently with Kazaa. So I haven’t really been following the progress of developments on that front. I’ve ripped four tunes, and they all sound great. If you want this software, you can get it from Audiograbber for free.

Maggie burned her hand today. I don’t know how she turned on the stove, or even if she did. It took us a while to even find out what happened. She was hysterical for about an hour. I treated it with cool water, lidocaine, and bandages. And I feel like shit that it even happened. Why don’t I have a baby gate to keep her out of the kitchen? I’ll be getting one now, you can be sure of that.

I’m almost done with At the Crossing-Places (see Currently Reading on the right). I can’t decide which book on my ever-growing to-read list to start next.

I’m going to get off the computer now. New software toys are dangerous, aren’t they?