Literature Carnival, Second Edition


I promise not to do this every time, but rather than focus on posts written within the last week, I decided to focus on posts written about a particular author. I chose Jane Austen. I suppose it’s because I read most of her books my first year teaching, and I love her sense of humor. I have been thinking over the last week that I’ll pick up Persuasion, which I never finished all those years ago when I read her other books.

First of all, I was surprised to learn that Ms. Austen blogs. Sort of. At any rate, you can learn about all things Austen and truly call yourself an F.O.J. if you regularly visit AustenBlog.

Neil Gaiman points his readers to a Jane Austen font. That’s funny; I’d never have pegged him for an F.O.J. Can’t tell I learned a new term, or anything, can you?

With a new version of Pride and Prejudice, Austen movies are being discussed a bit more than books. If you’ve seen the new movie, you’re aware of the not-quite-F.O.J. ending (OK, I promise, I’ll stop — perhaps Janeite?), but what you might not have heard is that even though the Jane Austen Society of North America hated it, it seems that men like it. Shocking.

There are five reasons why you should watch or read Austen if your marriage is going into the toilet. I personally like number two best.

Jen Rouse takes a look at Northanger Abbey.

Jane celebrated a birthday on December 16. You can read about it at Ready Steady Book, Ron Schuler’s Parlour Tricks, and happytrails!.

To submit literary blog posts for next week’s carnival, e-mail dana @ with the subject line Carnival. Please include a link to the item and the category for which it should be considered. Deadline is 10:00 P.M. each Friday. And it doesn’t have to be about Jane Austen.


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  1. I've only read Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and I feel all uncultured and unappreciative because I didn't like it very much. :X My best friend loves Austen, though, so I may end up trying a few other titles.

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