Teacher Workday


How is it I get less done on teacher workdays when the kids are out?

Anyway, wish me luck. I may have a decent shot at a job I heard about.

I am starting a Family Heritage/Genealogy scrapbook. Found too many cool things at Making Memories. Scrapbook stores are evil.

Tomorrow is Maggie’s birthday. She’ll be three. I can’t believe it! She’s very excited. She’s itching to get into her cupcakes for snack at school tomorrow.

My grandparents are coming to visit my parents for Spring Break. I can’t wait to see them. They’ve never seen Maggie or Dylan.

My mom was just diagnosed with diabetes. Both of her parents have it, too. I think they’re going to try to control it with diet. My grandparents have to take medication, I believe. But then, my grandmother can’t have been really trying with the diet. Not if I know her.

Speaking of family, I may be getting a new cousin. My uncle, who divorced my aunt after about 25 years of marriage a few years ago, is trying to have a baby with his girlfriend (who is only a few years older than me). My aunt left him for some loser. I think my uncle deserves happiness. Still, it will be weird to have a new first cousin so much younger than I am. Maybe it won’t be weird. I don’t know. Certainly not as weird as it will be for my cousin (up until now, my uncle’s only child), who never imagined he might have a sibling.