Margarita Chicken


When I can get it together, I will post my review of The Color Purple. I am too tired and foggy right now.

Instead, I placate you with a recipe of my own concoction — possibly the only one, since I’m not gourmet, as I have said before. I can follow a recipe, but this is pretty much the only one I’ve invented. That’s why you’ll have to forgive me for the lack of specifics regarding amounts of ingredients.

Margarita Chicken

Three large or four average boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Margarita mix (liquid works best, but powdered works okay)
Minced garlic
Fresh ground pepper or coarse ground pepper
Margarita salt

First of all, you need to marinate the chicken in the other ingredients. I pretty much use them to taste. I love garlic, so I use about two tablespoons. I pour the margarita mix into a 13X9 glass baking dish, add the garlic, and then put in the chicken. The reason I like liquid mix better is that it is undiluted. You can use the powder mix, but just don’t put as much water (or tequila) as the mix directions say. I use no water in this recipe. Then I grind pepper over the chicken on both sides. If you are using coarse ground pepper, I guess you’d sprinkle it over the chicken to taste. Now, since I bake the chicken, I just put the whole shebang in the oven at 350 degrees until it’s done, and it turns out very moist and flavorful. You will want to turn it over once or twice. However, if you plan to broil the chicken, you might not want to do that, since the marinade will boil away and become one with the pan. If you want to grill the chicken, you can baste it with the marinade. I prefer to bake it, because I think the flavor of the marinade settles into the chicken better. After the chicken is done, I sprinkle margarita salt on it.

That’s what we’re having tonight, if I have enough margarita mix. I don’t use any spirits in cooking this — tequila or otherwise. I don’t know if the chicken would be good that way or not. I’m kind of a teetotaler, and Steve is, too. Most of the time when I get a real margarita, I order a virgin. Tequila hurts my stomach sometimes.


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  1. Sounds like an awsome recipe Dana. Printed it off and will try it this weekend. Hope you are all doing good. I really enjoy reading planethuff. Love, Sherry

  2. now KNOW I am going to try your recipe right??? yep! and maybe I will get back to blogging one of these days…

    having a dry spell…

    check ya later!

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