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I won’t apologize for not posting — I know lots of bloggers do that, and my reaction is usually, why are you apologizing? Just post when you post, and if your readers don’t like it, that’s not your problem. That’s probably a bad attitude to have if you want to sustain a readership, but it’s a healthy one to have if you don’t want your blog to take over your life.

I am still here, and I’m posting much more actively these days at my education blog. I suppose that means that I am particularly passionate about my career right now. I have also begun posting at EduStat Blog, at the invitation of David DeSchryver, but for the time being (as school keeps me busy enough), I have been cross-posting blog posts from my education blog rather than writing new posts. I have been asked to read a book, and review it if I like it, and an education company offered to let me try a product. I guess that blog is growing. It made me wonder what kinds of offers some of the more popular bloggers get.

Harry Potter frenzy is reaching a fever pitch as the last book and the movie for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out this July, and I have been keeping busy keeping up with the latest. I post a Harry Potter Carnival at my Harry Potter blog every two weeks, and that has been good for making sure that particular blog doesn’t go too dormant, but I confess I need to put more of my own material on that blog more often than I do. I don’t want to be another news site, as I think there are enough HP news sites out there, and they have far more time and more resources to stay up to date than I do. I have enjoyed sharing these books so much with Sarah, and I have such fond memories of our reading them together. I am looking forward the opportunity to do the same with Maggie and Dylan. I suspect Maggie will be ready in two years or so, but she let me know the other night when I offered to read a bit of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to her that those books didn’t have pictures.

I have been doing a lot of cooking at home. I don’t have sophisticated tastes, and whatever I fix is family fare, but I guess the frequent practice is making me better. Although I still say my mom does something tricky — like bewitching her pots or something — because I can’t get things to come out just like she does it, even when I’ve watched her and replicated all the steps.

I am thinking seriously about grad school. I have decided where to apply and what to major in. I hope to take the GRE this summer in preparation to apply for admission in spring 2008. I will be majoring in Instructional Technology, and it is my goal to be working as a school IT in about five years. I still have some things I want to do with English.

I haven’t done much with my genealogy research, but I usually save that for summers when I have more time.

School seems to be flying by — weeks flash by in the blink of an eye. Soon it will be over, and I will have finished my 10th year as a teacher. It doesn’t seem that long in some respects, but it others it seems as if I’ve been teaching forever.

My book is still for sale. So far, my parents and my sister have bought it, and not that I’m whining or anything, but it might help my ego if I sold a few more.



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  1. I ordered my copy 🙂 I can't wait to get to summer to read it. 13 more days…13 more days.

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