This won’t be my usual long blather. Just wanted to tell everyone Frances is bearing down on Atlanta in a much gentler way than she did Florida or South Georgia. My school was closed. They apparently tried to call me and tell me, but I had already left the house. I was stuck in traffic and called the school to tell them I was running late, and the receptionist told me. We got home after being in traffic for an hour and a half and Sarah was there. Her school district was one of the few that didn’t close today, but her bus never showed. I wonder if the driver assumed there was no school? I wonder if she’s still employed? Anyway, Sarah didn’t say so, but I think being forgotten by the busdriver in the pouring rain and wind was depressing and scary, so I let her stay home. We had Burger King for lunch. I graded all my papers. I left the babies at daycare, because Maggie would not have been happy to leave before she got her playing done. Dylan would have been ecstatic to be picked up early, but I figured I should seize the opportunity to grade papers with no little ones around. Listen to me feeling guilty for leaving them at daycare when I would have had to pay for the full day whether they stayed or not.

In other news, Vickie is safe and blogging about Frances. It would seem she was at least able to keep power this time (most of the time, anyway). Sure hope Ivan doesn’t slam them next.

The oddest thing to me about hurricanes, speaking as a former resident of Hampton Roads in Virginia and Cape Fear in North Carolina, is the large amount of debris from trees and plants. There is all this fresh greenery all over the ground. It looks so out of place there. Of course, I haven’t experienced a hurricane that tore houses apart, which I am sure is extremely surreal to see. Just all the limbs and leaves littering the roads and yards. This morning I had some stray green leaves plastered to my car, and it made me think of those hurricanes in Cape Fear.


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  1. Poor Sarah! That stoopid driver should be fired. I know a woman here who sends her daughter to daycare when she's home. She needs the break.

    In Oki the mess after typhoons was so annoying. I remember we filled about 9 bags full of leaves and greenery once. Then of course all the branches. Those things sure make a mess but at least the Okinawans figured out that building houses with concrete helped them not blow apart. Maybe not attractive but since evacuation was not possible it was a good solution.

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