Well, post-planning is over. I still haven’t received a straight answer about why I didn’t get the job I thought I had. I get the distinct feeling I’m being ignored, which of course makes me wonder about some things.

That said, I had a grueling interview with the principal of a private Jewish high school yesterday. It lasted for 2 hours and 45 minutes. It looks as though I am being seriously considered, along with one other person. She seemed very positive — she noted I should have received professional development credit for writing my Beowulf teacher’s guide. I had never thought about that before. Hmm. She liked a lot of the things I said and showed her — student work I’d graded, writing assignment ideas, my two teacher publications. I think it would be a rewarding place to work. And I should probably hear from her early next week. So. There’s that.

I’m very glad to be finished with school. I feel very tired. This worrying about the job search is too much. I’m trying to just do what I need to do and not fret so much. It’s hard.

Tomorrow I have errands to run. Saturday, Sarah and I are going to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Sunday, I’m resting. I hope.


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