I Have Wheels


Well, I was able to get some transportation. We bought a minivan, which is something we needed. It is a Pontiac Montana. I have been reading reviews online. Hm. The only thing I can say is it’s a GM car, and there you go. It’s supposedly got great gas mileage for a minivan, though. I really want this sucker to be reliable. One guy said if you keep up with the regular auto maintenance, you should be fine.

I am so tired. Buying a car takes forever, and it’s so stressful. They didn’t want the Buick, so I guess I’ll have to sell that for parts or scrap.

Man, I got home to discover my students had freaked out. Only four of them came by to discuss tomorrow’s test with me, but somehow a rumor got started that there were eight essay questions on the test, when in reality, there are five discussion questions (one paragraph a piece). They need to choose five from eight choices. Of course I got back too late to answer any of their e-mails, but you know, I was at school all day, and I only taught one period. All anyone had to do was come by and ask.

Well, I’m off to bed. Stupid car.