Guess What Happened to Me


Someone stole the number for my debit card and has been trying to make charges. Unfortunately, the hapless thief didn’t know he was dealing with my bank account, which was in the hole. Still, there were these little charges — $.50, $.47, $1.08 that my bank was paying, but hitting me with overdraft fees for. The jerk successfully charged about $50 on the card, which was paid by my bank. That was my first clue that something was wrong — I got these overdraft notices in the mail for two charges, but I knew I hadn’t made them (knowing my bank account was in the red). The person in question has just made a charge for about $109 that hasn’t gone through yet. I tried to contact the company whom he charged whatever web services he was buying to, but they are closed on weekends. I hope that will be the end of it. I called the bank, and they shut down that card, so if the pecker tries to charge anything else, it won’t work out. Anyway, it turned out those little charges were for foreign currency conversion. I wish I’d been overseas. I could use a nice vacation like that. Still, it made me think. Why didn’t Bank of America think that was weird and contact me? I know of other banks that will do that. My mother’s does. I am thinking about closing my account with them and setting up shop elsewhere. Not that anyone wouldn’t love to guard over the average $20 I seem to have most of the time, you know.

I still haven’t heard from the people I interviewed with on Tuesday. I sent a follow-up e-mail both to the department head and the principal. The principal didn’t write back, but the dept. head did:

Thanks for the information [my cell phone number]. I hope to be able to get back to you sometime this week. Sometimes it takes way too long to get the information we need from downtown – but I assure you that I’m anxious to follow up! Thanks, again, for your effort to meet so late on a school night – I hope you weren’t too tired this morning.

I am still very nervous. I really want that job. I do have an interview with another school on Wednesday, but it’s too far away, and I don’t really want it. Still, if they offer me a contract, and I haven’t heard from my first choice, I could use it as leverage to get them to make an offer.

Sarah spent a long weekend with her dad in Panama City, Fl. I know she enjoyed herself. I am anxious to see her later today so she can tell me all about it.