If They’re Using Double Negatives, They Must Need Education

I have a job interview Tuesday. It’s the teaching job I really, really want. It would be at a brand new high school opening this fall. Can you imagine having the opportunity to inaugurate a school? I really got along well with the English Department Head when I met her at a job fair almost two months ago. She e-mailed me Thursday night from home to ask me if I’d be available to interview. Then, she e-mailed me twice Friday morning (after I’d replied). First, she wanted a number where she could reach me that morning. Then she sent another e-mail with her cell number, which she was keeping on during the school day (though she said her students were going to be in the media center, so it wouldn’t be the same as interrupting direct instruction). I thought that gesture sounded promising. So I called. My interview is late in the evening on Tuesday. I really need a job for next year, and this one is my first choice. If you have a moment, and you do that sort of thing, I would appreciate your prayer. If not, I’d at least appreciate crossed fingers, well-wishes, etc.

I had to make a late-night run to Wal-Mart and CVS. Maggie has a persistent case of head lice. I have tried RID and its Wal-Mart clone with no success. I tried a home remedy with mayonnaise and vinegar. I’m about to go nuts with this. I got the CVS brand that has the same medicine as Nix, which the Internet sites I researched said is better than RID. I want to know who that little kid who brought lice into her classroom is. Little butthead.

While I was driving back from Wal-Mart, I did something I rarely do anymore at the ripe old age of 32. Led Zeppelin’s cover of Robert Johnson’s “Travelling Riverside Blues” came on the radio, and I turned it up and completely rocked out. And then they played Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” It was totally tubular, man.