Back to School

As you may recall, Maggie started kindergarten this week.  Predictably, she is having trouble adjusting.  She didn’t do very well behavior-wise — she was “rolling on the floor,” “talking during instruction,” and “screaming in the halls.”  That sounds like Maggie.  She is stubborn, headstrong, and loud.  Hopefully we can work out the kinks as she gets used to school.  She has already told me that she’s had “enough school.”  But she does like her teacher, and she appears to have made friends.

My school does not resume until after Labor Day so that contractors can finish our new building.  In fact, we will not be conducting pre-planning in our new building.  I admit I am disappointed I won’t have time to decorate my room and get it ready, but we will be allowed to work from home, library, the old school, or even Starbucks if we want to in compensation (that is, as long as we have no meetings).

So far, Dylan hasn’t seemed bothered by the fact that Maggie is gone during the day, but I think once I go back (especially as he and Daddy will have to drive Maggie to school), he will start missing everyone.