All About My Mom, by Maggie


Maggie presented me with a biography she wrote about me for Mother’s Day. It was a form that she and her teacher filled out.

My mom’s name is Mama Dana.

She is 5 or 6 years old.

She is 8 feet tall.

She weighs 5 pounds.

Her hair is gray.

Her eyes are blue.

Her favorite food is enchilada.

I like it when my mom cooks pot roast for dinner.

She likes to hug.

She always tells me to get her a Coke.

I like to dance with my mom.

I love you Mom, Maggie.

As you can imagine, I was properly amused by her perceptions of my age and size and properly chastened by her recollections that I frequently ask her to retrieve Cokes for me; however, in my defense, her father asks her about ten times more than I do. My favorite food, by the way, is not enchiladas, but she doesn’t like my enchilada casserole, so I think she said that because she thinks I must insist on making it for some reason; therefore, that reason must be that it’s my favorite.

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