Ooo… Baby, Baby

Great news! My baby sister is expecting a baby! She’s due June 4. I know that she and Riceman are thrilled (as are their parents, who had long given up on the hope that these two would have children). I applaud them for waiting until they were ready. As the mother of three accidents, I can tell you much can be said for preparedness.

I have been an “aunt by marriage,” but this will be my first niece or nephew of my own. I lost my nieces and nephew from my previous marriage in the divorce (seems like it always happens that the former spouse gets custody of his/her family — which is hardly ever a bad thing). Steve has two nephews, but I really don’t feel like their aunt at all. I mean, one of them probably doesn’t even know I exist, as he’s cut himself off from his father’s family (Steve’s brother’s son), and the other, well, I doubt he sees me as an aunt, though I have a warm relationship with his mother (Steve’s sister). I echo the sentiments of the rest of the family when I say I didn’t think I’d ever be an “aunt.”

Congratulations to you both! You two will be wonderful parents.