Maggie’s Friends


Maggie comes up with some really creative names for her stuffed animals. Considering she’s only five years old, I have to say I am continually impressed her her intellect and creativity. I decided to catalog the names of her friends, or her daughters, as she likes to call them. Spellings are my invention, as Maggie is currently unable to write and tell us how the names should be spelled.

  • Mr. Meow-Meow is the oldest. She’s (Maggie insists despite the honorific that Mr. Meow-Meow is not a male cat) an old, formerly-white cat with fur that used to be soft and is now like a pilled sweater. All of her stuffing has been squeezed from the neck area to either the head or body.
  • Miss Tickles is a white kitty as well. Her body is shaped more like that of a real cat.
  • Ooman (rhymes with Newman) is a stuffed C3PO doll that is actually her brothers’. She gave it more than one bath, which took all the gold sheen, leaving a sort of goldish-gray color.
  • Mr. Lumpidoh is a gray elephant.
  • Odie is a small blond puppy with brown ears, one of them torn.
  • Luvinjenner is a hot pink puppy. What a name! It is pronounced the same as “love” & “jenner” like Bruce Jenner. I have no idea.

Steve recently wrote a post about rescuing Mr. Meow-Meow and Odie, who have been trapped down a air conditioning vent that doesn’t seem to be hooked up to the air conditioning system. It seems to open straight down to the crawlspace under the house. I think there may be a way to access the area where they fell from under the house, but the one and only time I went down there, it scared me so bad! Our house is over 100 years old. There is a stone that looks suspiciously like a tombstone at the entrance to the crawlspace. And I’m fairly convinced the place is haunted by mild-mannered spirits. I thought of getting one of those tools folks use to pick up trash on the road, but they were out of them when I went to Home Depot. I never dreamed one could find the right tool at Walgreens!

Update: I had a discussion with Maggie this morning about her stuffed animals.  I forgot to mention Classical Dog, who is a stuffed bassett hound, Bandi, a baby deer who is named for Bambi (at least the way Maggie pronounces it), and Snow White, who is actually a stuffed version of Uga, the mascot for UGA.  It plays the Georgia Fight Song when you squeeze its tummy.


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  1. I like Mr. Lumpidoh's name. But, I think "Classical Dog" made me laugh the most. How sweet. She sounds like she keeps you all busy…and entertained!

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