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I have tweaked the template for my genealogy blog. Steve said he liked it, but I’m always willing to hear a second opinion. I’m also uploading bits of my grandfather’s letter to me each day. If you are interested in WWII, I think you would find what he has to say, well, interesting. He lived it, after all. I didn’t know he’d experienced the things he told me.

I think of all the people who ever stop by here, certainly my sister Lara will be interested, but if memory serves, Cranky is also a WWII aficionado (albeit, from what I recall, it was more Eurpoean theatre rather than Pacific, which was where my grandfather was).


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  1. You're right, dear, on both counts. I am still looking forward to reading his letter, though. I wish my grandmother was still coherent enough to do the same for me.

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