And How Was Your Day?


(Andrew, just in case you ever come across this diary, this grammar bitch has finally got to get it off her chest. “Noone” is not a word. It is “no one.” I feel better now.) Ah…

I’ve figured out a temporary solution to my problem with the hot water heater/no hot baths. I had a similar problem at the apartment I lived in when my oldest was a baby. I got around it then (because I was naive and didn’t know that hot water heaters could be adjusted) by boiling two kettles of water and adding it to my bath. Worked like a charm then. So I just finished a long, glorious bath in my huge tub. I used my pumpkin spice bath gel because autumn is approaching, so I want to smell autumn-y. After I dry off a bit, I plan to follow up with the pumpkin spice body lotion. Mmmm… smells yummy. I love scented bath items. I have lots of that stuff, but I will never turn down more. Bath and Body Works is heaven. I have raspberry, lavender, and honeysuckle (my favorite scent in the world, but lavender is my favorite to wear). I could do some serious damage in Bath and Body Works. I don’t really like perfume, though. I prefer to layer on scent by using bath gel or cream, lotion, and if I really want the scent to linger, body splash.

I am feeling better today. I went out and had breakfast with Steve and baby Maggie after we got Sarah to school. Bless her heart. It was raining this morning, and I didn’t want her to have to stand in the rain at her bus stop until the bus came, so I drove her to the stop and waited with her in the car. The bus arrived. Sarah got out of the car as quickly as she could with a backpack tangled around her feet and ran to the bus. The bitch bus driver closed the door and drove off like she never even saw Sarah. Another mother honked her car horn at the driver, who apparently didn’t think it was meant for her. I was pissed. Sarah burst into tears and ran back to the car. I comforted her as best I could and told her it would be okay, I’d take her to school. Her school board is going to be hearing from me tomorrow. NO ONE treats my kid that carelessly. Even if the driver didn’t see Sarah, then there’s still a problem. The driver is obviously not as observant as she needs to be if she can unknowingly close a door right in a 7-year-old’s face and drive off. I don’t think it is asking too much for a bus driver to allow a second grader an extra second, especially when she’s running. Ticks me off because Sarah likes riding the bus so much that she told me the other day she wants to be a bus driver when she grows up. I told her she can do or be anything she wants. And today, after school, even after what happened, she told me she still wanted to be a bus driver when she grows up.

We had supper at McDonald’s. I am addicted to the Big ‘N Tasty. I didn’t even care that it had cheese on it. Sarah got Chicken McNuggets. She is the only kid I know who doesn’t really like french fries. Not even McDonald’s french fries. How can she be my kid?

Then we went grocery shopping. I got baby Maggie her first step 2 foods. The label said they could be fed to babies from about 4 months. She’s nearly 6 months. I went for it. She is such a good baby. I swear, she rarely complains, and she is hauled all over the place.