Da-Da, K-Mart, and Birthday Presents

Baby Maggie  said “Da-Da” tonight.  That is freakin’ amazing.  She’s going to be six months old in a few days.  That’s early, isn’t it?  I know she was really saying it because I would say “Say Da-Da.”  And she would say “Da-Da.”  It’s amazing.

I made an excellent supper tonight.  Steak and herb and garlic potatoes.  I bought that George Foreman grill.  I love it!  Works great.  I love the Super K-Mart here.  I got everything I needed in one store.  I got the grill, the steaks, the potatoes, silverware, steak knives, a chef knife, a toaster, an onion, and cooking oil.  And I checked it myself at the self-checkout, so I didn’t have to wait on anyone.

I will be 30 in 12 days.  Husband said he is going to do “12 days of [my] birthday.”  He brought home Pepperidge Farm chocolate mocha Salzburg cookies (remember, if I was a flavor, I’d be mocha), a book (The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery, and a beautiful card.  Yes, I do know how lucky I am.  I am married to a man with intelligence, passion, wit, caring, beauty, and thoughtfulness.