I was reading Radical Bunny’s entry about all the concerts she’s seen. I don’t know who most of the bands are, and it made me feel old. What concerts have I (do I remember having) seen?

Let’s see:

Eric Clapton was the first. Mom let me skip the last half of the school day with my boyfriend so I could drive two hours away to go to the concert and hang out in the big city. Funny. She was not usually that cool.

Jimmy Page/Robert Plant twice. Was in the nosebleed section the first time. Better the second time. Still couldn’t see well because I’m short. Both times I went with my (now) ex-husband. The second time, his friend Andy, a fellow teacher (History) tagged along. I vowed never to go anywhere with Andy again. He started this annoying seat-slapping thing. I was a bit tipsy at that show.

The Replacements. It was near their demise. Paul Westerberg got pissed, threw down his guitar, and stormed off stage. It was a pretty poor “replacement” (ha) for the Crosby, Stills, and Nash concert I had tickets to, but which my friend R. cancelled on me. In those days, I had no driver’s license, even though I was 19 (long story), and I couldn’t get a single soul to go with me. Not one! How can anyone say no to a free C,S,& N ticket when I offered to pay for gas too? I’m still bitter because I heard later they played “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Probably the best concert. He gives a really good show. But some twit nearby had to listen to a damned ball game on a radio while the concert was going. Why did he bother to come? I don’t care if it was the World Series.

Let’s see. I saw some local bands. I really can’t remember all their names. I saw Kevn Kinney and Peter Buck. Saw the Wallflowers and Counting Crows (awesome show). We were in the pit. Jakob Dylan got into an argument with some drunk redneck.

I am so boring. No wonder my hits are dwindling. Sigh.