You know, I have been writing for Blogcritics for a little over a week. I thought the idea had some merit: a forum for your above-average writer to express his or her opinion about media, music, books, and video. It has become clear to me that the editors will tolerate any sort of poor writing and immature posturing on the part of their writers. I doubt many visitors to the site can possibly take our opinions seriously, considering the writing is rife with grammar/usage/mechanical errors and expletives. It reminds me some days of a drunken frat party, laden with testosterone, and stinking of… well, shit.


One thought on “Blogcritics

  1. I (briefly) surfed around their site…couldn't find anything about editors. Maybe you could contact them about starting up an editing program…wouldn't be censorship, just editing. Just a thought…I know I'd need an editor.

    P.S. Glad to see another Pensive entry. You have at least one reader.

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