I think everyone likes that old pat on the back now and then. I arrived at work very early this morning. I was fixing myself some International Coffee in the teacher’s lounge when Nanci walked in and greeted me. She said she had a very pleasant conference with the parent of one of my students. They were discussing his grades; Nanci was running down the list teacher by teacher. Then, when she mentioned me, my student’s mom said, “Oh, he just loves Mrs. Huff.” Well, gee. I’m fond of that little guy, too. And Nanci said she wanted to share something with me… maybe it was a little unprofessional, but ah, she was just going to go ahead.

You might recall that when I was interviewing for this job, Nanci was very honest and said that she was seriously considering another person. Basically, she had it narrowed down to the two of us. She said this morning that the other candidate was very bubbly and exuberant. Well, that’s Nanci all over. She has boundless energy. Anyway, she told me she sent both of us to Sim. Maybe even the same day. The idea was that she needed his help to decide. She told me that she said she was looking for a good anchor for the English department. She said she had me pegged as quiet. Maybe the first few days or so, students wouldn’t exactly have me figured out. Soon, however, they would realize… how do I say this? I guess that I may seem sort of quiet, but underneath there is this great teacher. She didn’t come out and put it this way, but the gist of what Nanci was saying is that she needed a foil — someone to bring some balance to the department. She may be the principal, but she considers herself an English teacher at heart and always will. So I’m feeling very pleased. Nanci lets slip that the other candidate graduated from Yale (for crying out loud!). “But I chose you, Mrs. Huff,” Nanci added.

She chose me.

I e-mailed her later, thanking her for making my week. She replied that I was becoming “one of [their] treasures.”


3 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. WOW! What an awesome compliment. 🙂 You totally deserve it. I'm glad that you've found a fit for you and for your teaching style.

  2. What a wonderful compliment! I am so happy that they chose you. Those pats on the back are what make our hearts smile.

    Thank you for sharing that!

  3. Dana, I am happy that you've found a place to teach that you love and that appreciates you for the great teacher that you are.

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